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The Burton Family - 4/26/12

As you may or may not know, I had a family session last night....and I must say, the pictures turned out to be so cute!

Megan had scheduled with me wayyyyy back in January when I had my $30 package special. Our original date for this shoot was for April 14th, but due to babysitter problems on my end we had to reschedule. After talking with Allyn (my soon to be husband) we figured out that April 20th was going to be the best day for both of us. Guess what happened on April 20th? Cold, damp and rainy weather! No good for little kids for obvious reasons, and no good for my camera. So once again, our dreams of glorious photos were postponed to today.

Wait, didn't I say I had a shoot last night? Yup, I did. 

We had to reschedule again! haha. According to, it looked as if today was going to be cold with a chance of rain. As soon as I saw this forecast, I e-mailed Megan and prayed she would be able to do a little bit of a last minute switch (I believe I e-mailed her late on Tuesday night or very early on Wednesday morning?). Thankfully, we made it work! I'm not sure if the whole Burton gang is coming over or if it will just be a select few from this good looking bunch, but whoever ends up tagging along will be picking out their favorite photos for me to edit. However, I'm not that patient. :) I've already edited a few of my personal favorites!

I hope all of you love them just as much as I do :)

Talk to you all later!