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Photography is ALL about exposure. I'm obviously referring to things like shutter speed, aperture and ISO but I'm also referring to marketing your business.

The more times you put the name of your business is someones head, the more likely they'll remember you when they need something that you offer. Obviously, in my case I want people to think of Taber Lacie Photography when they want pictures taken.

My goal for the rest of the year is to make myself known and gain LOTS of exposure. I feel as if I will be well on my way to doing so with all of the plans I have :) Which means great things for all of you guys! I want to do 1 giveaway every month if possible. This is the part where you say, YAY! :)

Now when  it comes to gaining exposure in the photography business, you need to know how to get perfect exposure (now I'm talking about camera stuff....confused yet?). I've been trying to master the art of perfect exposure in camera. There are lots of guides to read, forums to join, classes to take and people to ask. I've been utilizing all of my resources to learn more and I think it's starting to show.

It's funny to me how for the first time in a long time, I'm EXCITED about what I'm doing for a career (besides being a stay at home mommy of course!). I want to learn more, I want to get better, I want to hurry up and get some work done! I love it :) I'm so excited for what this year may have to bring. Better photography, better business, better life.

Good thing I have lots of patience! Good things come to those who wait, and I don't mind waiting one bit.

Until I blog again,