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Multi-Tasking While Multi-Tasking

Life is kind of like juggling. Personally, I think life thinks it's funny to watch us all juggle as many things as possible then laugh when we drop everything!

When you're young, you don't have a whole lot to juggle. I wouldn't mind having a simple eat, sleep and poop juggling routine like my boys do, but I know that's not going to happen. I have to feed babies, put babies to sleep, change babies, play with babies, take pictures, go through pictures, edit pictures, resize pictures, post pictures to my website, Thumbtack, Facebook, ModelMayhem and my clients personal sites. I also check e-mails, answer e-mails, blog, plan contests, plan specials, organize photos, design ads, learn new things, post ad's on Craigslist, and call businesses to find where I can post physical ads. Oh, then there's cooking for the family, cleaning the house, bathing the children, budgeting for our household, grocery shopping, budgeting for my business, planning a wedding, budgeting for wedding, keeping up with friends, bathing/grooming myself, doctors appointments for myself, Zander and Corvin.....

Isn't it a miracle my head hasn't exploded yet?

How do I do it all? I'm not entirely sure.

However, I CAN tell you that in order to juggle a million things at once, you MUST be good at multi-tasking and have a good amount of patience. Like right now, I'm blogging while my teething 5 month old chews on my shoulder, pulls my hair and randomly smacks me in the face with his drool covered hand all while my 19 month old is swaying my computer chair side to side.

Also, to keep my sanity, I try to go out and do something for me once or twice a month. Oh, and having a glass of wine a few nights a week helps too! ;)

Being an MWAC is rather difficult sometimes.... but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world :)