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The Life of Taber Lacie

My name is Taber [pronounced tay-bur] and I'm a 24 year old owner to a photography company, a mother to two little boys [Corvin is 3 and Zander is 2] and I'm a nationally certified and Wisconsin state certified emergency medical technician working on the north side of Milwaukee. My life is almost always busy busy busy and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Life is a beautiful thing and I don't plan on wasting my time on anything that I don't love or that doesn't inspire me.
My passion for photography started when I was just a little kid. Some of my first photos are from when I was around 5 or 6 years old when my mom gave me my first disposable camera. I was addicted with the first click. My cameras progressed from disposables, to a Polaroid, and soon to digital. When I was in middle school, I'd take pictures of everyone all the time. Lots of quick little snap shots, candids and even a few posed photos. I had a website where I'd post all the photos and people from my school would see if they made it up or not. I loved it! It's one of my favorite memories from that time.
When I was a sophomore in high school, I took a photography class and learned more about the technical side of things. We first started with film cameras, learned how to develop our own film and were given assignments to just walk around and take photos. Then we went to digital and learned more about the wonderful world of  photoshop. You could say this was one of my favorite classes in high school! Towards the end of that class, I was given an opportunity to work as an assistant for a local photography company, Captured Moments Photography. Heather was awesome to work for and honestly taught me so much in the 2 years I was there, especially about weddings.
After high school ended I didn't immediately persue my dreams of becoming a professional photographer. Life took me in other directions, however I was still known as the girl who took pictures all the time. Instead of having my own website for everyone to look at, Facebook was available for me to post all the silly photos of my friends and I.
It wasn't until after I had my children and I was doing the stay at home mom thing in a brand new city that I decided to pick it back up. I read books, took classes and practiced like crazy. A few short years later, here I am! I'm not exactly where I want to be quite yet, but I'm a hard working, goal oriented young woman, and I know that I'll reach my goals as a photographer sooner than later.

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