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Angel, Jon and Emilyn + One

Taber Lacie Photography - Peoria, Illinois

I met Angel through my husband long before either of us had babies and when both of our lives were much different. We both went through the transition to motherhood right around the same time with our first children. She was in her third trimester with Emilyn when I was in the early second trimester with Corvin. She told me she never had any maternity photos taken when she was pregnant with her first little girl, so when she found out they were about to be adding another little girl to their family I gladly offered to do a session for her and her family.

My visions of having Emilyn kiss mommy's belly for a photo never happened seeing as someone was a little bit cranky. No problem though! We still made it work and captured lots of beautiful moments in the comfort of Angel's back yard.

So despite a few of the problems we ran into (such as mosquitoes trying to eat us and the sunlight fading faster than expected) I love the way all of their photos turned out. I hope you all love these as much as I do!

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