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The Churkey Family's Mini Session

Taber Lacie Photography - Peoria, Illinois

The best way to manage a session with a little one is to let them do just about anything that makes them happy. If you want smiles, this is crucial. So when Trista booked her mini session with me, I asked what kind of things Gabriel likes so we can attempt to keep him entertained. Her answer was simple, "frogs." 

About a year ago I did a maternity session where we found a little frog near a pond at Hugelheim Park in La Crosse, Wisconsin. We even placed it on mom's belly and got some froggy photos. So I immediately thought of going to this park for the Churkey family's session.

Although we didn't find any frogs, we did find some chickens and a rooster roaming the park! So that, among the waterfalls, ponds and bridges, kept Gabriel pretty happy for the majority of the session and we were able to capture some great shots.

This little man has lots of personality and it shined in every photo I took of this adorable family. Hopefully we will be able to do more sessions together during my future trips back up to the La Crosse area!

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